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Nano-Hairstroke / Shading / Ombré In Muncie

I offer Nano-Hairstroke and Shading/Ombré Semi-Permanent Eyebrows In Muncie.


Many of my clients have been searching for the right artist to get the results you see on my site.  

You'll see just a few of my clients with before/after on this website - some have had microblading and others have had Nano-Hairstroke and shading. I've recently stopped offering Microblading since Nano-Hairstroke Eyebrows/Ombre brows provides better results and the color tends to retain longer, even for oily skin.

Please take your time and select an experienced artist for this procedure.  It is a semi-permanent tattoo and it is very difficult to correct.  I get many clients that come to me for corrections.

I urge anyone interested in getting these results to read my FAQ.  I promise you that you'll feel more confident about this process whether you choose me as your artist or someone else.  I draw the tattoo to fit the facial structure and features of my client so every tattoo that you see is different.  Don't worry, you'll provide input during the mapping process so you'll know what to expect.  

If you're ready to move forward, we must do a consultation.  Please book a free consultation by clicking the Book Now button.  A face-to-face consult is the best way for me to evaluate your situation and make sure that you're a good candidate for this procedure.  If you can't make the trip to Muncie, we can figure out an alternative.

I use the highest quality pigments available on the market.  The use of quality pigments is a critical component in avoiding the discoloration of eyebrow tattoos. 

Amazing Transformations
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