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Experience the most comfortable and longest lasting extensions - ever!

II use a technique patented by Lôngmi Lashes of Beverly Hills where I use the highest quality lashes and adhesives to make your new lashes last as long as possible! 

In most cases, I use a combination of Classic (one synthetic lash for each natural lash) or Volume (a fan of lashes for each natural lash).  This is typically called a Hybrid application or Hybrid Eyelashes Extensions. 

What's most important is the look you're after.  Whether you want a better natural look or a dramatic change, it all depends on how many natural lashes you have.   I may use more or less volume lashes to give you your desired look.  

If you've never had lash extensions, I urge you to read my FAQ.  You'll feel more confident about your decision - whether you choose me as your artist or anyone else :)

Which Lash Extensions are for You?
Lash Extensions Comparisons - By Risha John in Muncie Indiana
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